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 You feel drained, overwhelmed or just need a break from your routine and feel like looking after yourself? Well, a yoga holidays might just be the right thing for you: ideal to rejuvenate, refuel, feel healthier and connect with like-minded people J


But there are so many packages to choose from internet that it can quickly be confusing. So, here are a few tips I would like to share with you:


 First of all, remember that most of the people going on a yoga holidays are solo travellersSo you won’t be alone but will still have your “me-time” if you need it.


Second, yoga retreats are not just for the “super flexible-ultra-thin- young yoga fashion girls!

You will easily find a retreat open to “all levels” or beginners or without a specific focus on acrobatic and head postures. The postures are just one of the aspects of yoga and all retreats would include guided relaxation/meditation and breathing techniques alongside the physical practice. There are a lot of styles of yoga to choose from too.


Define what you are looking for?

Take a little time to narrow your needs and preferences :     


ü  When do you want to go?

ü  What location?  (Europe, Asia….) (this will affect the price of the flight)

ü  Where do you want to practice (beach, mountain, city, remote…)

ü  What do you want to gain from it (be physically stronger, learn how to integrate yoga into your life, combine it with others activities, learn tools to de-stress, be coached…..)

ü  What is your overall budget?  


Align your retreat with how YOU define yoga – most of the yoga holidays describe well the schedule but make sure their theme or intention are stated too and attuned with yours.


All-inclusive or not?

All-inclusive can be great as once it’s paid, you don’t have to do anything. The money goes to one place and will be re-distributed probably on a fee basis. But what about contributing directly to the local businesses too and exploring local restaurants and activities?

If you decide not to go for all-inclusive, enquire about the access and cost of food and transportation. It sounds like you will spend a lot to organise your holidays, but personally, I take this occasion to be in touch with the teacher/organiser and get a real sense of her/his personality. Also, I found that going local is a way to make a difference especially in certain countries where economy is not at its best!


Don’t be shy to ask questions to the organiser or teacher. Any doubt, just ask. Best would even be to talk directly with the teacher, via Skype, to gain a sense of connection.

Remember that she/he will guide you twice a day, so may as well positively resonate with her/him.


Get information about the clientele, atmosphere and group size. As you will probably go alone, trying to target like-minded people can really enhance your experience.


A description of the teacher should be given with the number of years and style of teaching. The teacher will attract a certain type of clientele. If you have specific physical or mental conditions (chronic pain, back pain, depression, anxiety or stress) I would highly recommend to speak with the teacher or make sure that she/he runs regular classes with specific conditions.


What to expect from a yoga holiday?


It is very likely that you will feel rejuvenated, happier, energised, stronger, more flexible, relaxed and ready to dive into your routine again with a new “suitcase filled with yogic tools” for you to re-use when you need it.


Remember, the most important is that this is YOUR TIME and YOUR holidays. Listen and follow your guts instinct,

it will always be right



Author: Beatrice, yoga and meditation teacher

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