guided meditation

This session will guide and teach how to unwind, still and relax the mind. Very simple and effective methods, the benefits of a regular mind training will allow better respond to stress, improve focus and concentration, strengthen immune system, enhance positive emotions and boost energy level.


Menu: breathing exercises and meditation, mindful movement, yoga Nidra (laying down or seated meditation).


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Group or individuals

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In 2004, I started meditation and breathing techniques to cope with her hectic and stressful professional life. I have been teaching guided meditation since 2012.

My teaching is a mix of different techniques inspired by various schools. I learned the Yoga Nidra technique from Bihar School in India, hold a diploma in yoga education at the University of Lille (France) and attended extensive meditation retreats and positive psychology trainings (Thich Nhat Hanh,  Barbara Fredrickson, Uma dinsmore-Tuli). "Beatrice, your teacher"


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