Schedule 2018: 


Sept. 8 to 14th



5 coached climbing sessions and 6 daily yoga practice + 2 sessions on breathing and mind training techniques

Rates: 595 Euros (includes yoga and climbing only)

(possibility to only do the yoga and mind sessions, PM for rates)


Yoga and climbing is a great and ideal combination. Yoga will help you improving your physical and mental climbing abilities and climbing will help you understand the meaning of living the moment, being fully focus and meditating!


This week is designed for people eager to connect with themselves. Combining both is a deeper approach to your climbing and will allow you to know yourself better and improve your climbing techniques. But also, you will be able to set your own practice  and experience yogic tools to reduce your stress, fear of falling. You will build up strength and confidence not only for your climbing skills but also for yourself in your daily life!


The yoga practice is 90 minutes and will include guided meditation, stretching and toning specific climber’s muscles groups.

There is 2 sessions on tools to reduce your stress, one is on breathing techniques and the other on mind training (meditation). 



Bea is a certified yoga teacher and a passionate climber. As part of her studies at the University of Health and Sport in “Education of yoga” in Lille she researched the impact of yoga on climbers. 



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