Booking conditions

To ensure your spot, a deposit of 50% is requested. The deposit can easily be done by banking transfer. I will email you the details when you know you wish to confirm. 30 days before your package start, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance. 


Please read carefully the cancellation conditions:

We understand that unknown circumstances can occur and we try to be as flexible as we can. 


Up to 60 days before the starting day, 50% of deposit will be refunded at your own expense (bank transfer)

From 30 to 59 days, 25% of the deposit will be refunded at your own expense

Under 29 days, deposit is not refundable anymore


The deposit is transferable to any other person you may wish to transfer it to but only valid to the specific dates you booked it for. 


As we work with small group, I hope your understand those policies 

If there is a waiting list and your spot can be filled, 85% of amount will be refunded. 


Need more info, please write