What did they think?

Dorte - Kalymnos 2015-16-17


" I have been 3 consecutive years in Kalymnos, Greece with Beatrice as my yoga instructor. 

 The first year my statement going into the experience was: "I hate yoga", which I think Beatrice found amusing and provoking.  I had gone, because I felt rigid, unfit and had some anxiety issues. For exercise I mostly run and lift weights. Everybody said yoga would be good for me. And it was. I struggled in the beginning, but once I accepted that the key for me, was not to treat yoga as a competition and stopped comparing myself to others, I slowly found my breath ;) 

 Beatrice listens, and she applies what she heard to each individually. You feel seen and nurtured in developing a practise that suits YOU. Not the woman next to you but YOU. She creates a safe space, with only 7-10 women, where key is respect and love. We are all on different levels, but a smoothly all met where we are. 

 I found she keeps it real. She is no magician - all you get is what you put into it, but if you try your best, she will challenge you, encourage you and make you wanna come back for more. I have and I will, I already booked for next year : )  - I no longer hate yoga, I feel challenged by it, relaxed by it, calmed by it and I have regained some of my flexibility and balance. Beatrice has a big part in that, her voice, her manner and her technical skills are excellent. " Dorte, 45 yr., Denmark 

 Anne - Kalymnos 2015-16-17

"Dear yogis ,

I want to give my recommendation to Bea, my yoga instructor at www.beeyogi.net. 

For the third year in a row, my sister and i went to Kalymnos for a week of yoga with wonderful Bea.  

Kalymnos is a beautiful place. The island is peaceful and gives a great energy. Bea is a highly competent instructor. Her technical skill and ability to guide in and out of different positions are at an advanced level. I feel safe, taken care of and challenged in my practice with her guidance.   Give yourself a gift and take a yoga holiday with dear Bea.  "

 Anne Lund, amoveCph - Personal trainer and yoga instructor  

Raphaelle – France - Merveilleux stage de yoga à Kalymnos

J'ai passé un séjour absolument délicieux sur tous les plans !
Je commence par le décor : l'île de Kalymnos. Une petite île à taille humaine sur laquelle on se sent bien tout de suite. Très jolies plages pour "buller" en journée. Nombreuses tavernes où déguster poissons frais et plats traditionnels. On a l'embarras du choix.

Les studios ont tous une terrasse avec vue sur la mer. Pour aller sur la plage, il suffit de descendre quelques marches.

Le stage : le matin sur la plage au lever du soleil puis le soir sur une terrasse avec vue sur mer au coucher du soleil. Un rythme paisible s'installe peu à peu. Déconnection totale assurée !

C'était parfois difficile de se lever le matin mais au final, je n'ai jamais regretté. J'ai ressenti chaque jour que ce réveil du corps et de l'esprit en douceur m'avait donné une très belle énergie pour le reste de la journée. Et puis on peut toujours faire la sieste plus tard sur la plage :-) La session du soir se termine par un yoga nidra. La voix de Béatrice, grave et apaisante, m'a emmenée loin, très loin... Sans doute un de mes moments préférés de la journée.

Que dire de Béatrice ? Douce, bienveillante et à l'écoute, elle sait s'adapter à chacun. Elle nous a proposé en début de stage de pratiquer avec une intention. Cela m'a ouverte à une toute autre dimension de la pratique du yoga. J'ai le sentiment d'avoir semé une petite graine qui peut continuer à germer après la fin du stage...

Quant au groupe, nous n'étions que des femmes. Un groupe bienveillant, généreux et attentif à chacun. Très belle énergie. Des rires et de l'émotion aussi.
Je réserve ma place pour l'année prochaine sans hésiter !

Birgitte – Denmark – Women wellbeing retreat 2017


Thank you for a wonderful week. I will be forever grateful. I am glad you introduced me to different kinds of yoga and I really like it all.


When I came to Kalymnos, I was sure that meditation/Yoga Nidra was not for me; but I was wrong, the last morning on the beach, I managed to get in a deep feeling of meditation - you told us to think of one or two people we wanted to send some energy and why we wished it. It really worked for me - after the meditation, as I opened my eyes, tears was falling down my face - what a great feeling.


You told us about a younger and happy face - teasingly an advertising for L’oreal. It was so strange, two days before, I had exactly the same feeling, when I saw myself in the mirror - fewer wrinkles and more happiness. 


I have found that happiness comes from your heart and does not need to come from other people. 


It was my first trip abroad alone and I did not die ;-). It has been great to be allowed to be me and do what I wanted. 

I have no pain anywhere in my body and have become more supple - lovely. 


This afternoon (Sunday) I tested my first meditation at home and it was easy to imagine all the wonderful memories of Kalymnos - the beautiful view from the beach, the smell of the wind, the sound of the ocean/waves, the colors of the mountains/the ocean and so on - it worked. And I did it again this morning in the garden and thought of you - your lovely voice and immediately I was back at Kalymnos :o)

Some of my thoughts and feeling from my retreat - I am just happier now. Love and Light –Birgitte

 "Lis and I had a great week and enjoyed so much the daily yoga. We found the way you teached very inspiring.

We both hope to get another opportunity to join a yoga course again." Lis and Vibeke - Kalymnos 2016


"merci beaucoup pour la bonne introduction au yoga! J'ai beaucoup aimé les leçons chaque soir. 

 I very much enjoyed the yoga lessons with you. If I continue yoga - and I think I will at least try - these future yoga exercises will be measured on yours. And I am afraid they will have a difficult stand against yours!" Frank - Yoga & climbing  2015


"Dear Bee, thank you so much for your light and your calmful teach. 
It was fullfilling and I could catch your recommendations into the daily practice. Muchas gracias for that. 
Just always be you.  Warm hugs and Merci again :)." Alessandra - Thailand retreat 2015


Vicky, UK, Sept. 2014 - Yoga and Climbing - Kalymnos


Wow... what an adventure! How I feel blessed to have experienced the wonderful combination of rock climbing and yoga in beautiful Kalymnos. To my mind adventure is about discovery, pushing yourself beyond your limits to an unknown territory, an opportunity for growth and development, and whilst rock climbing provided every opportunity for this so did the yoga with Beatrice. Beatrice has the gift of delivering a fully holistic experience, attuning herself to the needs of the group, so you feel listened to and cared for. Beatrice also has the gift of deep guided meditations, her encouragement was simple and clear, with a request to ask yourself intuitively 'your intention for this practice?', a request to attune yourself to your heart and imagine it expanding, growing larger and larger in your chest, a request to surrender and fully LET GO, to feel your body getting lighter and lighter. Of course your experience will hinge on your original intention for the yoga but I can whole heartedly say that me it was a real adventure. Thank you B. x