Wellbeing holidays - Kalymnos - Greece

DATES 2020


Saturday 29th August to Saturday the 5th (closed)


Saturday the 5th to Saturday 12th of September


Self-enquiry and sustainability

Sunset yoga only


 A complete week of evening yoga, guided meditation, Nidra, mindfulness and wellbeing.


Included in your holidays: 


- 5 sunset yoga practices 

- A progressive week toward self-practice (self morning practice)

- 7 nights accommodation in a single studio with balcony and sea view

- First evening light welcome dinner

- Yoga mat are provided

- Full personalised guidance

- max. 8 yogis


Read the testimonials to have a feeling about the week


 Ideal wellbeing holidays for anyone seeking balance and life changing or wanting to learn and build their own practice. Beginners are welcomed as the group is small.


Perfect week to get away from your hectic life, reduce your stress and tension. Learn how to stretch, tone and become aware of your body and your mind. Ideal for people seeking a peaceful holidays, by the Mediterranean sea on a traditional and not so touristic Greek island.  


Beatrice & Ligia guide you in a way that you will be able to understand yoga in its full dimension and as a lifestyle. They will help you build your own practice and give you the tools to incorporate yoga into your daily life to improve your general wellbeing.



And still plenty of time for you to enjoy this beautiful island and relax 

Accommodation can be included or not. If you choose to stay with us, you will stay in a family-run business studio, facing the beach and with a direct beach access and yoga on-site! (special rates is included in the package)



Breakfast, lunch & dinner but plenty of very good and cheap options (business family owned business from 8 euros a big meal)

 Flight + transfer to hotel (15 euros per taxi - and can be booked for you)

 Insurance for the activities offered 

 Scooter rental ( from 10-15 euros per day depending duration)

others activities for you: rock climbing, hiking, cycling, horse-ridding, sunbathing....and write to me for more details on rates as vary according to package options.


To book or if you need help to come over, please write to me at info@beeyogi.net

Beeyogi sunset yoga
Beeyogi sunset yoga
Studio Beeyogi Kalymnos
Terrace for the breakfast
Studio Beeyogi Kalymnos
The view
Womem wellbeing Beeyogi
Womem wellbeing Beeyogi
Yoga Beeyogi
Yoga Beeyogi