What they have to say about yoga or meditation in the office:

Robbie - Allianz  - “Bea is an amazing teacher – her warmth and humour made it very easy for me (as someone new to meditation) to feel comfortable and relaxed. Her perception, wisdom and calm demeanor made the weekly meditations an invaluable hour, where I was able to press pause on the stresses of working life, and regain a clarity of mind. I found the insights gained both from the meditations and from conversations with Bea to be incredible helpful in dealing with the challenges being faced at that time.  I think the atmosphere of the whole office changed as a result of a few of us going along to Bea’s yoga and meditation sessions.”


Jerome - JLT - London-   "Although it doesn’t take long for the everyday life and work stresses to quickly creep back in, I have left your sessions feeling as I hoped I would:- Re-energised and as though my mental and emotional state has been temporarily ‘rebooted’."


Kate - Allianz London “In the midst of the corporate world we inhabit you brought a gentleness to our day and also managed so effortlessly to nudge us out of our comfort zones.  You are without a doubt a gift to all your students in London and you will be sorely missed by us all" 


OTB Engineering - London : "Feedback from those who have attended classes since we started last year has been overwhelmingly positive; staff have enjoyed all the teachers we have had during this time, but I know particularly everyone has really appreciated Beatrice, her teaching style, and her ability to adapt to the changing needs of the class. "  


Harriet- Instinctif Partners - London - "Dear Beatrice, thank you so much for teaching us yoga - I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your class (I have really started to get into meditation!) I will really miss your Wednesday night classes. "


Ross – Instinctif Partners – London – “Thank you so much for being our Yoga teacher. Your endless patience, gentle encouragement, and forgiving smile have made Wednesdays a day to look forward to.”


ETSY – London 2017-   "People that could make the meditation classes with Beatrice really enjoyed them and found them.”


Thomas - Allianz London"I regularly attend Beatrice’s Wednesday lunchtime sessions at Allianz Global Investors. As someone who plays rugby and does a fair amount off other sport, my main goal has been to gain a bit more flexibility and ease some of my muscular pain. Beatrice’s sessions have definitely achieved this. However, they are also a useful way to spend an hour in the middle of the week; regaining composure and balance in what is otherwise quite a hectic day. I have taken Beatrice’s exercises into other parts of my exercise routine and often find myself using the breathing technique as a shortcut to relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend it." 


Marie – Allianz London - "Yoga sessions with Beatrice put you in a different state of mind. At work it definitely helps with concentration, focus and to put things into perspective. More generally you can feel how good it does to your body and your mind."


Amy - Allianz London - "Having yoga in the middle of the week works extremely well as it break up the week and helps me to refocus. I would happily have more during the week if I could.Since I have started working at AllianzGI I have noticed that I have a real issue with my shoulders and neck because of sitting at a desk all day; yoga is helping to counter that."


Louise - JLT London- "...as a result of being more focused, I am able to work more efficiently and handle stress better because there is more distance between myself and my reactions/emotions.  I find meditation helps build resilience which gives you a choice of how you can react to each situation, which can be extremely helpful in the work place." 


Scott - Allianz London - "I have used the body scan at times for relaxation. I find counting my breath helpful if I have 5 mins and want to try and just ‘be’ wherever I am at that point in time. I also often use some of the stretches if sitting for a while just to help with my posture and for bringing me back into my body if I’ve been distracted or day dreaming (which is often)." 


Promote & support a happier and healthier working environment

Wellbeing programme are not just a fashion spreading quick, but has real effects and benefits on people at work. 

It's no longer a hidden fact knowing that absenteeism and presenteeism is affecting greatly the UK.


The benefits in offering a wellbeing programme at the office, whether it be a weekly guided meditation or a yoga class are numerous:


 - increases energy 

- alleviates physical and emotional ailments

- relieves stress and allow to respond better to stress

- improves concentration & focus

- helps with creativity

- promotes a caring culture resulting in a happier & healthier working environment

- reduces sick days


Why would you offer activity of wellness activity at work when there is not much around?

It’s as simple as being part of a company vision and culture caring for their employees. Since people spend most of their waking hours at the office, being able to encourage and offer them different activities on-site can be a great way to promote health and wellbeing.


I have created different specific programmes based on my own experience in the IT corporate world. I have spent more than 10 years as a project manager, senior manager in different countries and have encouraged my team members to always stay active. Engaging with them on a different level made the difference.  

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation - Beeyogi
Guided Meditation - Beeyogi

 Be guided and learn how to unwind, still and relax the mind.

Very simple and effective methods, the benefits of a regular mind training will allow better respond to stress, improve focus and concentration, strengthen immune system, enhance positive emotions and boost energy level.


Menu: breathing exercises and meditation, mindful movement, yoga Nidra (laying down or seated meditation). 


Yoga at work

Yoga at work - Beeyogi
Yoga at work - Beeyogi

 A specifically office designed yoga to stretch, strengthen and relax your body & mind.

Ideal to cope with back pain and counteract the effects of sitting all day at the desk.

Can be done on a chair or on mat (depending your needs).


Menu: strengthening cores to prevent back pain, stretching upper body to prevent rounded shoulders, specific movement to stimulate lymphatic and digestive system.




Get in touch so we can assess together your needs and which programme would be most suitable for your company.


Group or individuals

Tailored-made classes. 


Please contact info@beeyogi.net for more info and prices

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