About Beeyogi

Beeyogi was born from a passion for yoga and from the desire to communicate it with others. 

Teacher's name : Beatrice

Education & training: One-year diploma in Yogic Education from the Sports and Health University of Lille - France (2014)

Certified yoga teacher from Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, India (2012)

Bsc(Hons) in Business and Technology


Vipassana Basic course and 10-days retreat Theravada Buddhism (Northern Thailand), Thich Nhat Hanh Educators retreat (Plum Village), online positive psychology course with B. Fredrickson, Intro to Buddhism at the North London Buddhist Centre, online Mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance course (Monash University)


Worked 10 years in the IT industry as a manager and project manager.


Speciality: Corporate and office people, cancer and strokes survivors, elderly keep fit programme, depression and burn-out, athletes, women and cycles. 

Yoga dynamic, Yin yoga, yoga Nidra, Meditation based on Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhism and yoga traditions. 


Beatrice - "I started yoga in 2004 as I was coping with a very stressful time. I was working very long hours, playing squash competitively, socializing and going out a lot. I was exhausted, stressed, unable to stay still nor rest and just pushing my body and myself way too much.


In 2004, I was first introduced to some breathing exercises to reduce my stress. This is when I became conscious of how I was breathing and how it was affecting my emotions (stress responsiveness, fatigue, short of breathe…) body (muscles cramps, tendinitis, digestive problems….) and vice-versa. I tried them because I was feeling I would break down if I didn’t do anything. It worked... it really worked. I managed to feel much more relaxed in stressful moments. It allowed me to step out of my “in the moment” stressful situation to assess better. I found that I would think more rather than just reacting! So, this is when I started to be very curious about yoga and wanted to learn what it could bring into my life.


Being aware and conscious about what we are doing in the moment! That is yoga for me! No more ruminations, no more worries, no more forecasting or just thinking about things that are in the past and can’t be changed or things which haven’t happened yet. Yoga gave me a break of all of those and gently and slowly showed me the path to contentment, surrender and happiness. I started to practice by myself and had to find ways to incorporate my practices under any circumstances, whether I was at work, in the metro, at home or travelling …. Yoga is not limited to a 90 minutes physical practice on a mat! There is much more to it.


The postures and breathing help me to maintain a healthy body by stretching, toning and stimulating my vital organs. I know how to stretch and restore my body in a safe way after a climbing day, trekking or a working day. I also use it in preparation to condition my body. I have become more aware of my body and how to protect my back and improve my postures.

The difference between yoga and doing any others stretching or fitness class is the awareness or the focus and attention about what I am doing! I used to be a ballet dancer so I am quite flexible. However, with age and without dancing any more, I have lost some flexibility. I used to push myself to be as flexible as before; Yoga game me a sense of connection with my body and I realised I didn’t need to be that flexible to stay flexible in a healthy way. The same applies for performance. Yoga is not a place where I should perform or get anywhere or be the best! And actually, it really gives me a break and make me feel in touch with my body, I can feel its limits, its stiffness, its flexibility, its resistance. While practising yoga, I allow my body just to be as it is.

I allow myself to have a break, to take it easy and let go of all expectations. I just try to find a comfortable space within myself in each postures.


In February 2012, I decided to change career and take a deeper path into yoga. I had a profound desire to share yoga and its benefits with others. I went to India, to the root of traditional yoga. I studied and lived in the Satyananda ashram for 8 weeks. I had an amazing and intense approach to the traditional philosophy of yoga. Since 2012, I haven't stopped teaching and studying. I recently graduated from the University of Lille (France, 2014) in a one year "yogic education" diploma; those studies gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding how yoga is a way of living and path to well-being.


Yoga helped me to balance my hectic lifestyle, allowed me to know myself better and gave me tools to manage stress, negative emotions and keep myself in a healthier and more content state. 


Now, my intention is to share the benefits of yoga (postures, breathing, meditation…) and empower people so they can use yoga as a way to well-being and living a healthier life."